Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 :It aint Pretty

This IS the place for : old, dark, odd ,strange, disturbing, ugly and sad.. QUILT pieces, parts,fabrics, tops and...... of course finished quilts.
I WONT be showing anything  that might be considered ..."pretty"... by  todays standards. I think there are already  plenty of places for that all over blogland and the internet.
Quite frankly my dear, "ugly" is what I prefer!
I would also like to invite anyone with anything that might  fit this criteria to "like" us on Facebook. Feel free to post a photo of anything you own( we dont want to offend anyone who feels "ugly" is an insult! so no pics of that customer quilt you may be binding.. unless they are lovin the ugly too!)

                                     Full view quilt top

  Details  of some of the great ugly fabrics

 Did I mention I snagged this for Ten dollars???  I'll take 17 yards of this green and black please!

 Yeah, I'd  PROBABLY  hate me too! mwaahahahahahaha
I bought this from a dealer at an Antique Fair who was selling mostly furniture. There was no price tag on it.When she looked it over  for a half a second and then named her price, I couldnt get the cash out of my pocket fast enough.. my heart was really racing! I had to get out of there before she changed her mind, and I wondered seriously how long I could maintain my "poker face" before I ran off screaming to no one I knew within earshot..."START THE CAR!!! START THE CAR!!!
By the time I caught up with my friends I was squirmy all over with adrenaline and burst upon them with my new "ugly beauty" and such a DEAL!!
I knew I had scored the "Find of the Day" no way could that be beat!
Yeah ... jealous much? (smirking!)
Later when we returned from the antique fair, I had a chance to spread it out and really examine it. I found some holes and unsewn seams but it didnt matter one bit!

Another great ugly green and black!!
This year I'm going to be digging DEEP into my stash of old ugly pieces parts   and blocks and putting together one (or  probably more) top(s). This has been on my "bucket list" for way too long and promises to be a fun way to start the new year.

Anybody want to join me?
Lets get ugly in 2011!!!

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  1. I have some orangish,cheddarish,pumpkinish solid
    that I can donate to your project.