Friday, January 7, 2011

Ugly Vintage Nine Patches: Indigos, Plaids and Chambray


  As promised.. I wanted to get going on getting re-aquainted with my stash of  vintage blocks ,pieces and parts with the intention of putting them together into tops this year.

Right on top, in one of the tubs were 3 sets of 9 patches. A set of 45, a set of 42 and a set of 20.  They were all within the 8-8.5 ish  inches square category .
I say "Ish" because they are all hand pieced and pretty wonky. When I use vintage blocks I always want to add to them , rather than cut them down.
So I'm not ruling out adding some fabric to the smaller ones. But who knows... it could get even uglier... if that's even possible!

  This is the first set of 20. I did some sketching and some math trying to make everything work out all nice and even like.  But who was I kidding? I knew I just had to start getting them up on the design wall and start messing around.
Fun is the objective here, not math!
  Here is the first 20 with the gold block removed.Then the next set of 45 in  a single go around plus another column on the right side. Since we were wonky anyway the last set of 42 gets placed in 2 vertical columns on the left side and a
 single row on top and bottom. None from this last group is on the right side.
I wasnt loving the warm tones with all of this blue  and grey so I yanked em!
  These are the offending warm blocks
  then I put the original gold back in
 and finished up  with the remaining  blue and grey blocks.
So now ....I just  have to figure out how to get these all to play together nicely.(!?)Yeah.
Some measure as small as 7.5 and some are as large as 8.5.
I'm thinkin about adding a shirting or a light value plaid  to the center group of 20.. and maybe a lighter chambray to the others because that  is what I know I have.  But then it  might be fun to add something really high contrast like a RED!  I know I have  yardage of both a red chambray and a nice red solid...
Looks like more some more excavation into my stash is called for!

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