Saturday, February 12, 2011

and now... for something completely different...

 Last night we watched the documentary"Exit Through the Gift Shop".
It was a very interesting inside look at  the work of "Street Artists"  and what was once called "Graffiti".
Nowdays "Street Artists" go by one word names (Banksy) and or "Alter Egos" (Mr Brainwash).
My thoughts were  conflicted regarding the "Street Art" and my opinion  seemed to decline towards the end.
I would love to be able to have an open discussion on the documentary  just to hear all the varied opinions.

Some of my most recent freehand machine quilting has been reminding me of graffiti (months  before I watched the documentary). I know it is mainly a rebellion against what is considered "pretty" or "desireable" in the world of quilting today. For some reason I have had a very strong need to go  against the norm or mainstream ( hence this blog) and it feels truly authentic... like I have finally found my voice.( which is  LOUD ,but mostly incoherent!)


  1. I also recently saw this movie - and was likewise conflicted! There is a big controversy as to whether Banksy made the entire thing up or if it was an actual documentary. He is a genius of marketing, so perhaps he did, but I did like how it was a jab at the contemporary art scene as well. While there is a lot of beautiful thought-provoking and well crafted contemporary art, much of it is based on the "talk" more than the "walk" (IMHO!) and is one of the reasons I left Fine art school in the 1970s, and went into graphic design... an honest form of prostitution ;-)!!

  2. OOPS just notice the date on this post!! Evidently your blog is not real active any more ;-) "HI" anyway!